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Aetna (ACI)

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Aetna (ACI)

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Industry News

Medicare Advantage Plans Report Higher AEP Growth

Medicare Advantage enrollments as of February 2017 reflected a higher year-end growth than the previous two years, and consistent with the percentage ...

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Industry Updates: Scott Perry named AmeriLife CEO; Spring Venture’s Expansive Growth Continues

This week’s industry updates include AmeriLife’s announcement of their new CEO, Scott Perry, and details on Spring Venture’s continu...

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Medicare Supplement 4th Quarter 2016 Results

Last month CSG Actuarial reported the 4th quarter 2016 Medicare Supplement enrollment results for United Healthcare.  We now have updates from other ...

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How are Final Expense Life carriers underwriting?

Our summary below outlines how Final Expense Life carriers are underwriting. About CSG Actuarial CSG Actuarial monitors insurance markets to provide t...

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Who’s hot in Medicare Supplement?

Pricing is based on a 65-year-old female, non-tobacco, Plan G in Florida. About CSG Actuarial CSG Actuarial monitors insurance markets to provide the ...

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Medicare Supplement Rate Change Report – February

Access all the current Med Supp rates within our Market Advisor™ quoting tools. About CSG Actuarial CSG Actuarial monitors insurance markets to pro...

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CSG Actuarial MarketEdge™: Market Activity & Demographics

CSG Actuarial MarketEdge™ is the ultimate sales and marketing research tool, leveraging the over 7 million quotes ran on the MarketAdvisor™ quotin...

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Medigap Premium Scorecard – February

The CSG Actuarial Premium Rate Scorecard™ provides an overall premium rate competitiveness ranking by company across all states, plans, ages, gender...

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Industry Updates: Comparison of Bills and Proposals to Repeal and Replace ACA; 2017 Medicare Advantage Plan Review

This week, we have two updates from Kaiser Family Foundation.  The first is a brief providing a side-by-side comparison of the Medicare-related bill...

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