NCC Employees

At National Contracting Center, we are your nationally-recognized, top-ranked Senior Insurance FMO, providing marketing excellence for independent insurance consultants. Our staff is comprised of Personal Agent Liaisons, Contracting Specialists, Compliance Specialists, and a full administrative team. Call us today at 800.695.0280 to find out how we can partner with you to grow your business! 

Personal Agent Liaisons

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Amanda Yeager

(865) 218-8375

Amanda has worked with NCC since 2007. She specializes in agency-building, Medicare Advantage, and underwriting difficult Medicare Supplement or Final Expense cases. Amanda strives to provide excellent service and agent support with a smile. 

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Chris Jackson

(865) 218-8381

Chris offers excellent support and product information to our agents. His enthusiasm and passion for his work allows him to provide outstanding service. 

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Connie Floyd

(865) 218-8376

Connie has worked with agents at NCC since 2007. Her experience in the insurance industry allows her to provide an invaluable wealth of information to her agents. 

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Heather Mazzouccolo

(865) 218-8389

For more than 20 years, Heather has been advising agents and advisors on financial products, practice management and marketing. As Annuity Marketing Specialist at NCC, Heather is focused on developing and maintaining strong relationships with independent financial professionals and assisting them with planning solutions that leverage annuities and life insurance.

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Kelli Kraehmer

(865) 218-8377

Kelli specializes in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Final Expense. She enjoys helping her agents grow their business by keeping them informed of the latest opportunities and product updates. 

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Lynn Guinn

(865) 218-8386

Lynn brings many years of experience in a variety of industries to NCC. Her attention to detail and friendly demeanor make her a valuable asset to the National Contracting Center team. 

Administrative Staff

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Amara Young

(865) 218-8387

Amara has a background in web-based publishing, SEO, Social Media Strategy, and Digital Marketing. She currently assists NCC with their print and digital marketing efforts. 

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Courtney Vidas

(865) 218-8382

Courtney works with our agents on contracting and licensing through our carriers. Her knowledge and years of experience in the insurance industry are immeasurably useful to our agents and our staff. 

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Julie Uden

(865) 218-8388

Julie is NCC's Executive Administrator and Human Resources Assistant. Her administrative background includes working with several well-known companies in a diverse range of industries. Her HR and administrative experience are incredibly beneficial to our company. 

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Mike Gragg

(865) 218-8370

Mike joined NCC in 2011 as the Executive Director. His Leadership skills have helped make NCC one of the nation's top FMOs for the senior insurance industry. 

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Teresa Robertson

(865) 218-8373

Teresa joined NCC in July 2013. She offers her expertise in compliance-related issues and trains our Personal Agent Liaisons on the latest product information updates. Teresa also assists our agents with credentialing and offers administrative support. She takes pride in her work and is always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone in need. 


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Tracy Smith

(865) 218-8374

Tracy brings several years of experience working with data spreadsheets and Excel. Her skills as a data analyst are truly a valuable asset to the NCC team. 

New to NCC? We are experts in Medicare Marketing. Unlike other FMOs, we specialize in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans, and Final Expense. If you would like to speak to a Personal Agent Liaison, or another member of our administrative support team, please call 800.695.0280.