Mutual Of Omaha

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Mutual of Omaha has been serving the Medicare supplement for more than forty years. The Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement is one of the most renowned and financially stable products on the market.

Final Expense Plans

Mutual of Omaha offers AccumUL Answers, AccumUL Plus, Children’s Whole Life, GUL, GUL Express, GUL Plus, GUL Survivor, Living Promise Whole Life, Term Life Answers, Term Life Express, and Whole Life Express fulfilling the client's final expense need.

Long-Term Care

Mutual of Omaha has a portfolio of LTCi products designed to address the needs of a changing marketplace. MutualCare Secure Solution: Traditional LTCi that adds a measure of security to a retirement portfolio. Perfect for: Customers who want easy-to-understand benefit choices and the security of knowing they have some measure of asset protection. MutualCare Custom Solution: Pool of dollars provides flexibility to manage LTC expenses and control how dollars in the “account” are spent. Perfect for: Customers who want to customize a policy to fit their own unique needs.