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At National Contracting Center, we are your nationally-recognized, top-ranked senior insurance National Marketing Organization (NMO), providing marketing excellence for independent insurance agents. Our staff consists of Marketing Specialists, Contracting Specialists, Compliance Specialists, an Agency Development Team, and a full administrative team. Call us today at 800-695-0280 to find out how we can partner with you to grow your business! 

Marketing Staff

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Courtney Vidas

Marketing Manager

Courtney works with our agents on contracting and licensing through our carriers. Her knowledge and years of experience in the insurance industry are immeasurably useful to our agents and our staff. 


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Connie Floyd

Senior Marketing Specialist

Connie has worked with agents at NCC since 2007. Her experience in the insurance industry allows her to provide an invaluable wealth of information to her agents. 


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Angie Jones

Marketing Specialist

With years of experience in insurance, Angie is thorough and will make sure that agents have the right products and carriers to expand their business and become more profitable. She follows through with everything in a meticulous manner to make sure every agent gets what they need.


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Jennifer Colon

Marketing Assistant

Jen works closely with Connie Floyd to provide excellent customer service to Connie’s agents and assist the Marketing team.


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Mariah Robinson

Marketing Specialist

Mariah's eagerness to help proves to be an asset to each of her agents. Mariah is dedicated and goes the extra mile to make sure agents have everything they need in a timely manner.


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Shayla Pannell

Marketing Specialist

Shayla is hard working and loves to help agents who need assistance. Her persistent nature is invaluable.  Shayla gives each agent her undivided attention and, with patience, helps each one to grow their business.


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Samantha Rooney

Agency Development Specialist

Samantha partners with agencies to grow their business through specialized consulting services targeting lead generation, marketing, and sales training. She believes that with a vision, the drive to succeed, and a plan anything is possible!


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Dee Anne Baker

Marketing Specialist

Dee Anne brings years of sales and marketing experience to NCC. She enjoys helping agents grow their business by guiding them through the contracting and certification processes. DeeAnne is detail-oriented with a unique ability to connect with different personalities, making her a valuable asset to the NCC team.


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Marketing Specialist

Karen leverages her leadership experience and attention to detail to ensure she delivers exceptional service to each Agent.  Her positive attitude and quick response makes her a favorite among peers and agents alike.


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Customer Service Representative

Maeve works with the Marketing team providing customer service to our agents. She is responsible for ensuring the agent information portal is accurate and up-to-date, facilitating agent supply and marketing material orders as well as providing excellent customer service.


Administrative Staff

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Jackson Johnson

Director of Operations

Jackson grew up in the business and now manages operations for NCC, including finance and IT for both NCC and our sister company Senior Financial Group.


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Bryan McPeters

Compliance Manager/Officer


Bryan is responsible for the management and oversight of compliance and privacy for NCC. He has over 16 years of experience in healthcare compliance, auditing, and data analysis. Bryan’s goal is to ensure that NCC stays ahead of the curve related to any Medicare requirements in a very timely manner. He brings years of teamwork mentality with him that he hopes to continue with the agents and employees of NCC.

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Haifa George

Human Resources Manager

Haifa is responsible for managing Human Resources, including talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, policies & procedures, employee relations & development, payroll, among other valuable organizational elements. Her goal is to bring positivity to the workforce by implementing policies and programs that shape NCC into an employer of choice.


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Heather Burley

Licensing/Contracting Specialist

Heather joined NCC in 2018. She works with our agents on contracting and licensing through our carriers. Heather has a phenomenal work ethic and helps our agents get contracted as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


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Tracy Smith

Data & Reporting Specialist

Tracy uses her background in Internal Audit and Accounts Payable to analyze and process NCC’s commissions in a timely manner.


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Michelle Key

Digital Marketing Specialist

Michelle joined NCC in 2019 with two decades of experience in SEO and content development, and has focused primarily on creating training and educational materials throughout her career. As a digital marketer, Michelle considers herself an advocate for the end-user. Making sure NCC's website is a useful resource for our agents is her top priority.


New to NCC?

We are experts in Medicare Marketing. Unlike other FMOs, we specialize in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans, and Final Expense Plans. If you would like to speak to a Marketing Specialist or another member of our administrative support team, please call 800-695-0280.