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Dee Anne Baker

Marketing Specialist

Dee Anne brings years of sales and marketing experience to NCC. She enjoys helping agents grow their business by guiding them through the contracting and certification processes. DeeAnne is detail-oriented with a unique ability to connect with different personalities, making her a valuable asset to the NCC team.

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Testimonials from Agents

The guidance and assistance provided to me by Dee Anne Baker has been invaluable . . .

As a new agent with no insurance experience, looking to switch careers midlife, I was overwhelmed by all of the steps and options. Choosing to use NCC as my FMO was the right decision. The guidance and assistance provided to me by Dee Anne Baker has been invaluable. She has helped me immensely from the beginning and is always available to answer my questions and address my concerns.

Dee Anne has been amazing . . .

I have had the pleasure to get to work with National Contracting Center and Dee Anne Baker since the first of the year.  Dee Anne has been amazing. She answers all of my questions promptly, and helps me through all of the processes.  Not only has she guided me through each step of the process from getting contracted to training, she has also ensured to get me to the proper person to help with social media marketing.

They not only are great at communicating, they also ensure to help you with making sure that you have all the aid needed.  They help you with any questions you may have.  I would highly recommend working with National Contracting Center!

West Virginia