AHIP Certification 2019

What to Know About AHIP 2019 Certification

  • Cost is $175. 
  • Most carriers offer a $50 discount. To take advantage of the discount, log in to the carrier's agent website and use their AHIP link.
  • All Carriers other than UHC allow 3 attempts; UHC allow 6 attempts. See the UHC page for details - If the required prerequisite modules are failed a UHC agent will receive no earned renewals during the plan year!
  • Fail 3 times; agent will pay $175 for an additional 3 attempts (carrier discount can’t be applied). 
  • Carrier may ask ‘how many attempts’ and score is transmitted. 
  • AHIP Certification is an annual requirement. All agents returning to AHIP for re-certification pay $125 via carrier link if in good standing.
  • Passing score is 90%
  • AHIP certification is an open book test
  • Remember: AHIP now offers Nondiscrimination Training, Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) and CMS General Compliance training along with the Medicare Training Course. All sections need to be completed successfully before the AHIP Certificate appears; upon completion, Carrier’s link will appear for score transmitting; in some cases the score is automatically transmitted.
  • AHIP 2019 Online Medicare Training Course User Guide (pdf)

After AHIP Certification

Once an Agent has completed the Contracting Process with each MAPD and/or PDP Carrier and has received their Writing, Party ID and/or Solar Agent Number(s), the Certification Process can begin immediately. Each MAPD and PDP Carrier provides their preferred method on “How to Navigate the AHIP Medicare Courses” coupled with step-by-step, detailed instructions on “Meeting the Credentialing Requirements”: How many attempts allowed; Score required; Time frame to complete.


New Users

If the agent has not created a profile with AHIP since June 2012, he/she will need to register as a new user.

Previous Users

If the agent has created a profile with AHIP since June 2012, he/she doesn’t need to register. The agent can login to the AHIP website using their National Producer Number (NPN) as their User Name and the password created when they register for the AHIP course. If the password has been forgotten; a request to re-set the password can be submitted. User Name/NPN can be requested.

Previously taken AHIP through another portal

If an agent has previously taken and successfully passed the current year’s AHIP exam through a carrier’s portal other than, for example, Humana; the agent doesn’t need to register nor take the exam again. He/she needs to log in to Humana and bridge over to AHIP; using his/her NPN/Email address and the created password to log in to AHIP, then ‘transmit’ the score from the AHIP site, in this case, back to Humana. Log in via each carrier’s portal, bridge over to the AHIP and transmit the score back. New in 2018: AHIP is transmitting score to CHS, WellCare and SS*. Uploading cert may be necessary.

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