UnitedHealthcare 2019 AEP Certification

First Look 2019 for UnitedHealthcare

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UnitedHealthcare First Look

UnitedHealthcare Certification 2019

Take AHIP first! If you pass AHIP prior to taking the certification, you can skip 4 of the modules in UHC's certification.

  • UHC allows 6 attempts to pass AHIP. 
  • Allows 6 attempts per the prerequisite modules
  • Allows 6 attempts per plan module
  • If the required prerequisite modules are failed an agent will receive no earned renewals during the plan year!
  • 4 modules to complete
  • 2 prerequisites: Ethics and Compliance and AARP Course
  • 2 optional plans: AARP Medicare Supplement and CSNP/DSNP
  • Passing score is 85%
  • UHC allows 6 attempts (most carriers only allow 3)

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AHIP Certification 2019

  • AHIP cost is $175, or $125 if using link from carrier's agent pcrtal
  • AHIP passing score is 90%
  • AHIP  allows 3 attempts to pass the 2-hour timed AHIP exam
  • Fail 3 times; agent will pay $175 for an additional 3 attempts ($50 carrier discount can’t be applied)

Find Medicare Advantage Plans by County

Insurance carriers don't offer Medicare Advantage plans in all states or in all counties within a state. Complete this form and we will be glad to check county availability for you.

We will also send you a contracting kit with that carrier's Medicare Advantage information, including Applications, Brochures, Commissions, and Rates.

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Medicare Advantage Policies from UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare is a trusted health care leader serving Medicare beneficiaries for over 30 years. UHC is the number one Medicare Advantage insurer by enrollment and is proud to serve more beneficiaries than any other insurer.  

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are health plan options approved by Medicare and offered by private insurance companies that are contracted by the federal government. MA plans provide Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (medical) coverage, and some plans include Medicare Part D (prescription drug) coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans typically provide additional benefits and services that Original Medicare does not cover such as HouseCalls, Renew by UnitedHealthcare, routine hearing, routine vision, NurseLine and fitness membership ~ not an exclusive list.

Refer to the Product Positioning Sheets for additional benefits available in the West, Central, Northeast and Southeast markets by plan.

  • $0 premiums available
  • Top-rated carrier with top-rated coverage
  • AARP brand recognition
  • No AHIP required

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  • Brochures
  • Commissions
  • Rates
  • Underwriting Guides
  • All specific to your state

Medicare Advantage Resources for Agents

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