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What It's Like Being An Insurance Agent Explained by Arrested Development

1. Educating your clients on cost of healthcare, how Medicare works and why some plans should cost more than others.

2. Enrolling new clients who were unhappy with policies from another agent


3. Reaching out to potential clients, but sometimes it doesn’t work. “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” - C.S. Lewis


 4. Receiving referrals from your existing clients


5. Knowing that no matter how well you plan your day and scheduled appointments something will happen to change it all.

6. Explaining that health insurance is for the future as much as it is for the “now.” You can’t plan the unexpected.


7. Dressing up for a networking or charity event and knowing you look good


8. Trying to think of a good marketing slogan for your business


9. Constantly surprising existing and new clients with your knowledge of insurance and financial services


10. Feeling accomplished when a client calls you worried about a claim and you calm their fears by answering their questions or concerns. You know it’s been a great day.

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