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6 Steps to Turn Strangers into Clients

1. Look Professional and Approachable
As an insurance agent you are dealing with people’s health and financial plans, which is an important job. Please dress professionally as to reflect the seriousness of your job. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be approachable and friendly. Your body language is important in conveying your willingness to connect with new people. Research shows that 55% percent of our communication with others is non-verbal, which means positive body language is crucial.

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2. Always Introduce Yourself First
Be proactive and introduce yourself first. Break the ice and ease the nervousness of the person you are meeting. They’ll appreciate your manners and the fact you want to talk with them. Once the introduction is met, don’t talk insurance right off the bat. Let them get to know you without trying to sell them on a product or service.

3. Assume the Other Person is Shy
The majority of people claim to be shy so when you introduce yourself you have alleviated their anxiety. Again, don’t put sole focus on your insurance job, but let them tell you about their life. The best networkers know that meeting new people is by making others feel special. If you need to have some conversation topics in the back of your mind to get the conversation started. You’ve probably heard the old saying “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”

4. Find Common Ground
Building relationships takes time and effort. Your conversation should be fun, easy and flowing. Have conversation topics ready so you can help guide conversation and keep it light. Remember to ditch the sales pitch. Relationship building is about playing long ball and not the hard sell. However, if someone does ask for information about insurance or services have your “elevator pitch” ready.

5. Give People Your Full Attention
Give people respect by giving them your full undivided attention while talking with them. People can tell when you have mentally checked out of a conversation when you stop actively listening. People want to feel valued and made to feel special. Treat them the way you would want to be treated when spoken to. This is especially true in the age of digital devices where we are constantly distracted, by checking our devices for the time and messages.

6. Follow-Up With Connections
This is the most crucial step of converting new connections into potential customers. If you meet a great connection don’t be afraid to stay in touch or ask to exchange business cards. Email within 24 hours with a quick thank you and as you develop a relationship share content you both find interesting. Over time your connection could become a client or a referral for your business. If your connection mentioned his/her hobby was cooking then reach out with a great article about a restaurant offering cooking classes.


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