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What It’s Really Like Being A New Medicare Advantage Agent As Told By The Simpsons

Becoming a Medicare Advantage agent is exciting and at times an overwhelming experience. It certainly is not an easy decision to switch into a heavily regulated insurance sector like Medicare. So why do a lot of agents decide to go into Medicare Advantage? There is greater financial stability knowing exactly what to expect compensation wise, but also knowing you are serving the greater good. You get to interact face-to-face with the senior community fulfilling an important need to help seniors find the best Medicare coverage. What you do is serious; however, it doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about the challenges agents face while getting acclimated.

1.    Realizing you are really going for it and going to become a Medicare Advantage insurance agent since there’s continual business growth and need in the senior community!

2.    Learning all about Medicare, like the differences between Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplements.

3.    Wondering if your new knowledge in Medicare has made you forget other valuable information you’ve learned before you got into the Medicare Advantage business.

4.    Arriving at your first Medicare Advantage appointment and you appreciate how important it is to talk with your clients and get to know them first. Building a relationship takes a while … be patient.
5.    Calling fellow financial and insurance industry friends and asking if they would refer senior clients to you since ... you can’t just depend on purchasing Medicare Advantage leads.

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6.    Spending your first commissions check on purchasing nice dress clothes so you can impress clients with your smarts and looks.
7.    Attending your first Medicare Advantage product training for a new company you contracted with and you’re a little excited. Speaking of new Medicare products ... check out our new products available.
8.    Every once and a while you run into a Medicare Agent who acts like this and you decide to steer clear of him/her.

9.    Waiting on the phone to speak with an insurance provider before you contract with us at NCC. Don’t worry. Others have made the same mistake ... they all remember after it.

10.    Knowing you’ve helped a lot of clients find peace of mind…and a great Medicare Advantage plan so they feel like …
And knowing you’ve made a good impact makes you feel pretty awesome too …

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