AEP Progress Report #3

AEP Progress Report #3

We’ve got 6 days left in AEP. How are you feeling? Are you ready to finish strong? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? However your last week of AEP is shaping up, we have a few observations and tips for you.

If you’re like many agents we’ve talked to, the second half of AEP has been much busier for you than the first half. Clients realize that despite the reservations they had earlier on, they need to make some serious decisions by December 7. That means they’re willing to talk. They’re exploring their options.

As agents, we have to be mentally prepared for this. Now is not the time to cut corners or skip important parts of the sales process. Now is a time to prepare and plan for realistic expectations. We can only talk to so many people per day, so we need to make every client interaction count. Don’t forget to warm up with each client, don’t forget to offer ancillary products, and don’t forget to ask for referrals.

Most of the struggles we’ve seen this AEP result from agents’ unwillingness to change the way they do business, not their incapability. Is that what’s held you back? Sure, some markets are not as hot as usual, and some clients are not going to change a thing, but are you really doing all you can to overcome that?

Are you willing to handle an appointment over the phone? Are you confident that clients will buy over the phone? I hope so because I can assure you they are. The agents that have embraced new ways of doing business are at or above previous years’ production levels. If you are still not where you want to be, take an honest look and see if you are the problem.

Please don’t write this year off as a loss. Agents everywhere have made massive changes in 2020 and throughout AEP, and they’ve seen the results. Resolve to make adjustments if needed, finish AEP strong, and carry that momentum into 2021. If you adapt now, you have a bright future ahead in this business.

If you need assistance or advice on making the most of these last 6 days, call us at 800-695-0280 or send us a message. Our team is ready to help.

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