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10 Best Apps For Mobile Business Professionals

1. LinkedIn-Always be in touch with fellow industry professionals, and read the most up-to-date articles from thought leaders around the world.  Free.

2. Humin-Meet lots of people on a daily basis? This app captures your contacts and the context of your introduction. It even includes a search function so you can easily search by criteria “met last week” “lives in Los Angeles.” Syncs wiith your phone’s contacts so there isn’t duplication. Free.

3. CamScanner-Turn your camera into a scanner on the run. Digitize your paper trail to make content easily-accessed, organized and efficient. Free.

4.Yahoo News Digest-It’s the sleekest and easiest to read news app that send you up-to-date stories you want to know about. Free.

 5. Evernote-This is your digital notebook that organizes your person to-do lists, PDFs, notes, photos and any webpages you want for later. It’s easy to use interface makes using this app a breeze. Free.

6. CamCard-When you are constantly networking and meeting new people it’s inevitable you will collect business cards along the way. This app scans business cards and helps manage your business contacts. Free.

7. MailBox-Clean up your inbox and manage mail easier. This app lets you schedule email follow-up, archive messages, and they are synced with DropBox. Free.

8. Readdle PDF App Pack-No more need for printing when you download this powerful app. You can fill in PDF documents and add your signature without having to print a single page. It keeps your workflow going even when you are not in the office. iPad compatible.  Pay per app bundle.

9. Odometer-If you are constantly in your car this app is perfect for you. Odometer stores the date and number of miles traveled so you can keep proper track of your work week. $.99.

10. Timeful-Is an intuitive time managing app that syncs with all major smart phone calendars like Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Apple iCal. This intelligent app makes recommendations about when to start tackling projects on your to-do list to build you a more efficient schedule. Free.

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