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Playing Longball: Working Organic Insurance Leads

We’ve all heard the motto “patience is a virtue,” without ever truly realizing how applicable that motto is for building a sustainable insurance business. One of the best ways to grow your business is earning organic leads. What is an organic lead? It’s easier to define what it’s not. Organic leads are not lists, BRCs or paid leads in any form. They are relationship built leads that come from the people you know, business connections, and referrals. Here are the best ideas from agents that they use to generate organic leads and grow their business.

Sports Leagues                                           

One agent joined an all-ages local men’s basketball league to have fun, and stay active. What he didn’t realize was that would be a fantastic way to meet prospective clients. He not only made friends with men about to become eligible for Medicare, but friends with Medicare aged-parents needing help with Medicare decisions. Then the next year, he sponsored their team shirts with his company name. Not only did he become known to his teammates as the go-to insurance guy, but to the rest of the league as well.

Community Involvement

We strongly encourage our agents to embrace community outreach to not only better your business or your network, but yourself. Being present isn’t always enough. Volunteering your time and resources gives you a better understanding of your peers and community. One agent dedicates her time to serving the senior community by delivering Meals On Wheels in her city. It’s her unique way of giving back to the people she loves helping. Another agent is a part of women’s business networking and professional development groups that serve as a massive referral base. While serving your community is a great way of networking, it’s important that you develop meaning outside your business. Serving your community is a great way to continue growing personally and professionally.

Fast Foodie

One of the most original ideas from an agent is becoming a familiar face on the fast food circuit. Each morning at 6am, our agent goes to the area McDonald’s where the Medicare-aged community gathers. Be where your people are.  He has become a regular fixture at several fast food joints and uses it as an opportunity to socialize and be their point of contact when it comes to senior insurance.  

Power Lunch

Sometimes the best leads come when you form a partnership with another business owner over lunch. One top agent invites real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial advisors and to lunch and together set up a referral system with each other. Financial advisors can be a great resource since many do not want sell the insurance so they are looking to refer clients to someone trusted. It’s a great way to generate leads consistently, but further target whichever niche market you are striving for. Our agent can focus on seniors with select incomes, ages, and lifestyles in order to provide insurance that truly caters to them.

There are plenty of other unique ways to grow your organic leads and leave paid leads behind. Hopefully these ideas help inspire ways for you to prospect in your city growing a more sustainable business model. While growing organic leads can be a longer process, once you’ve found a method it is much more dependable form of prospecting. If you have any lead prospecting ideas that you want to share or a success story, please contact us via the contact bar! We love hearing from our agents. 

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