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How to Make Your Insurance Agency Senior Friendly


  •  Your signage should be clearly visible with color contrast to make it legible
  • All reading and writing materials should be customized for older adults
    • At least 12-point font
    • Use San Serif for best readability
    • Break information into small sections to avoid information overload
    • Use numbered list to make it easy to keep track of instructions
    • Never use glossy paper because the glare can decrease legibility for aging eyes


  • Avoid clutter in the office that can obstruct walkways (Small side tables, floor lamps, chords to electronics, boxes)
  • Your bathroom should have grab bars and other safety features so please check your local safety laws and regulations
  • If your building is multiple levels consider an elevator or have stairway with railings on both sides
  • Parking lot should be free of pot holes, ruts and large cracks where someone could trip or fall. Provide a ramp if there are steps up to your agency door so those in wheelchairs can have easy access
  • Host an event during daylight hours to ensure seniors drive when it’s still light outside

Office Setup and Décor

  • Provide seating areas and chairs with armrests
  • Remove scatter and area rugs so seniors cannot trip and walkers won’t get caught on the edges. Wall to wall low-pile carpet is the best flooring option to ease walking ability
  • Lighting should be consistent from one area to another without glare or dark shadows
  • Decrease background noise. When clients are visiting especially to talk about policies. Discussing insurance plans needs to be as clear cut as possible without disruptions or barriers to conversation

Service after the Sale

  • Provide great customer service meaning take the time to answer their questions even when you are not expecting their call
  • Check-in on clients and ensure they are doing OK and happy with their products

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