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Aetna Nursing Facility Care

State Availability

Current as of 05/07/2020


Plan Information

Current as of 05/06/2020

Nursing Facility Care is an indemnity plan of insurance with benefits for nursing facility confinement stays, hospital stays, and registered nurse services.

Policy benefits:

  • Nursing facility confinement which includes benefits for all levels of Facility Care ~ skilled, intermediate, and custodial – plan pays $120 nursing facility indemnity/per day (following chosen elimination period). Nursing facility care daily benefit when confined in a nursing facility after the elimination period until the end of the period of care.
  • Daily hospital indemnity when confined in a hospital (basic plan pays $10.00 per day); and a registered nurse indemnity pays for services of a private duty, graduate, registered nurse when confined in a hospital or nursing facility.
  • Registered nurse indemnity when confined in a hospital or nursing facility as a resident bed in-patient – plan pays $30.00 per shift, max of two shifts per day.
  • Guaranteed Renewability.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions after in-force for six months.
  • Benefits are paid directly to the insured unless assigned to the provider.

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