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Greek Catholic Union (GCU) Contracting & Appointment

Founded in 1892, Greek Catholic Union has grown to a billion-dollar company; the goals today are still the same as the vision of the founders.  GCU offers fraternal programs that give members the chance to collaborate in social, athletic, and fundraising activities. Many of the fundraising efforts are aimed at improving the fabric of the local communities.

Since its inception, many things have changed, but the fundamental goals remain the same. As the mission statement reads, “Protecting Families, Promoting Faith and Fraternalism, Strengthening Communities.”    

These are GCU's current policies and state availability for 2019.

Medicare Supplement


Select from Plan A, B, C, D, F, G, or N, and base policy and riders; may vary by state.

Plans are available pre-65 due to disability in some states.

Household discount for all states, rules may vary.

During Open Enrollment GCU cannot deny coverage, place conditions on a policy or charge a higher premium due to past medical conditions. Certain documentation is required to be submitted when applying for guaranteed issue.

GCU offers three methods for submitting and completing applications: paper, telephonic (Express), and web. Each application method has its own guidelines to follow.

All applications require a valid signature in order to be processed: verbal signature, mother’s maiden name or Docu-Sign signature, or physical signature. POA signatures can be accepted only for OE/GI cases on regular applications. 

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