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Long Term Care FMO for Agent Contracting

The MSR Group found policyholders purchased long term care for these reasons: To protect assets, 23.6%; security/peace of mind, 18.1%; to cover the cost of LTC services that might be needed in the future, 17.4%; I don’t want to be a financial burden to my family, 17.4%; I know I’ll need it, 16.4%; I know someone who had trouble paying for LTC services, 13.9%; I know I’m getting older, 11.4%; I don’t want my children to have to take care of me, 10.2%; to make sure I’m taken care of in later years, 9.7%; my loved ones don’t live close enough to take care of me, 7.9%; I want to be able to choose the type of care I get, 7.4%; the high cost of LTC services, 7.2%; and planning for the future/retirement, 5.5%.

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