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Pekin is communicative, innovative, adaptable, reliable, efficient, and respected; and takes pride in the experience, competence, and fairness of its underwriting staff.

The underwriting staff averages over 20 years of experience coupled with the combined sales experience of 100+ years; Pekin has a reputation of being accessible and willing to go beyond the expected

These are Pekin's current policies and state availability for 2020.

Pekin Medicare Supplement


Select from Plan A, F, G, or N. Plans are available pre-65 due to disability in some states. 

Premiums are guaranteed not to increase during the 12 months following the issue date of the policy, except for an increase due to a change of address. Premium changes caused by moving into a new rating location will go into effect on the premium due date following receipt of the change of address notification.

Has never had a rate increase of more than 6%.

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