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Western Catholic Union (WCU) Contracting & Appointment 2019

(Founded in 1877, Western Catholic Union, a Fraternal Life Insurance Society is committed to offering quality products to assist in achieving financial security and peace of mind. WCU mission is to attend to the fraternal, financial and spiritual well-being of the members by offering the greatest number of social and spiritual opportunities possible and to keep members safe and secure with the best insurance products available.      

Medicare Supplement


Select from Plan A, B, C, D, F, G or N, and Base policy and riders; may vary by state. Plans are available under 65 due to disability in some states. Household discount for all states, rules may vary.

Pre-existing conditions are covered immediately and there is no waiting period or reduction in benefits. Western Catholic Union administrative practice is not to adjust rates for 12 months from the effective date of coverage.

The e-Application is user-friendly, eliminates guesswork, and reduces errors for faster processing; selection-driven screens/forms, reflective questions and conditional validations alert possible errors, and ‘attachments for submission’ can be added.   

Signature options are electronically or wet signature; electronic signature methods are ‘sign now’ or ‘send email request.’ Wet signature allows physically signing a paper application.

All browsers are supported. An eApp can be completed on a PC, laptop or tablet. Internet connection is required.  

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Western Catholic Union (WCU) Appointment & Contracting