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UnitedHealthcare AHIP 2020

UnitedHealthcare AHIP Certification 2020


AHIP Requirements for UnitedHealthcare Agents

Please Note: The information on this page relates to UnitedHealthcare’s AHIP requirements for AHIP 2020. We will be updating with info for 2021 as we receive it. While many details will remain the same for 2021, be sure to contact an NCC Marketing Specialist at 800-659-0280 with any questions.

All the information you need to meet UnitedHealthcare’s requirements for AHIP.  Find First Looks, guides, contacts, portals, and information on cost and discounts for 2020.

UnitedHealthcare First Look for AEP 2020

Visit our First Looks page to download the PDF.

UnitedHealthcare AHIP Certification 2020 Explained

  • If the required prerequisite modules are failed an agent will receive no earned renewals during the plan year!
  • Take AHIP first! If you pass AHIP prior to taking the certification, you can skip 5 of the modules in UHC’s certification.
  • UHC allows 6 attempts to pass AHIP.
  • UHC allows 6 attempts per the prerequisite modules.
  • UHC allows 6 attempts per plan module.
  • 3 prerequisites: Medicare Basics, Ethics and Compliance, and AARP Course.
  • AHIP eliminates the need for the Medicare Basics course.
  • 3 modules to complete.
  • 1 optional: CSNP/DSNP.
  • Passing score for UCH certs is 85%. 
  • 2020 certifications will cover the remainder of 2019.

Certification Links, Guides, Phone Numbers, Emails

AHIP Certification 2020 - United Healthcare Cost & Discount Information

  • AHIP cost is $175, or $125 if using link from carrier’s agent portal.
  • AHIP passing score is 90%.
  • AHIP allows 3 attempts to pass the 2-hour timed AHIP exam.
  • Fail 3 times; agent will pay $175 for an additional 3 attempts ($50 carrier discount can’t be applied).