Carrier Apps for Your Clients

Provide an added service to your clients by recommending mobile apps from Medicare and major insurance carriers. Help them view their coverage, find providers, check deductible status and more – all from their mobile phones.

"What's Covered" Medicare Mobile App

Released in early 2019, the What’s Covered app lets policyholders find out if services are covered by Medicare parts A and B quickly and easily.

According to Medicare’s website, the app offers coverage information for services and procedures under Medicare parts A and B, as well as information on basic costs and a list of covered preventive services.


Mobile Apps from Aetna

Aetna offers a number of mobile apps for policyholders with a variety of uses.
Aetna Health – Check claim status, find and get directions to nearby providers, access your ID card and find even more features in the Aetna Mobile app.
Aetna Health for iOS | Aetna Health for Android

Attain by Aetna

Designed as a companion to the Apple watch, Attain by Aetna allows users to set and monitor fitness goals. Certain policyholders can even earn rewards for meeting goals.Rewards are limited based on plan and location.

The app also integrates with the Aetna Health app, with reminders for regular checkups, vaccines, and prescription refills.

Attain by Aetna requires an Apple watch in order to track fitness details, and is only available for iOS.

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