Cigna Medicare Supplement Solutions is insured by American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC) and Loyal America Life Insurance Company. As a member of a global health service company with over 220 years in the insurance business, Cigna’s Product Portfolio consists of whole life policy sold in conjunction with Medicare Supplements.

Medicare Supplement: CHLIC

CHLIC is a Medicare Supplement you can sell with a brand you can trust! 

Available in: CT, KS, MI, TX, NC, IL, KY, MS, SC, IN, OH, GA, and PD. Coming Soon to: AL, AZ, OK, and SD (3/27/17) as well as MD (4/10/2017)*

With CHLIC, you can expect:

  • Fast policy issue; 2-3 days
  • 7 % Household discount
  • High-deductible plan F offering
  • No interest on advance commissions
  • Apps can be submitted 180 days prior to the effective date

*state availability is subject to change, contact your Personal Agent Liaison for more details

Final Expense Plan

Cigna ~ American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC) and Loyal American Life Insurance Company offer whole life final expense policy designed to help pay funeral and final expenses. Cigna Final Expense does include an Accelerated Benefit Terminal Illness Rider for no additional premium.

New Cigna Final Expense Plan

This brand new stand alone Final Expense plan is available in 44 states. 

Individual Whole Life insured by Loyal American Life Insurance Company is designed to help pay final expenses with level and modified benefits.

Simplified issue means by answering medical questions the coverage is determined.

Level Benefit Plan will pay the full death benefit amount chosen and includes a terminal illness accelerated benefit rider at no additional charge. Modified Benefit Plan has adjusted levels of coverage for the first two years of the life of the policy.

No annual policy fee, no height/weight chart, optional rider, spousal/domestic or civil union partner premium discount are a few of the features. 

Cigna Substandard Medicare Supplement Insurance - New Substandard Medicare Supplement Insurance

The new Cigna Substandard Medicare Supplement Insurance is appearing in waves!

ARLIC Substandard Medicare Supplement Insurance plans feature flexible underwriting which allows some Medicare beneficiaries to purchase underwritten coverage in a newly created substandard tier at a rate higher than the preferred tier.

Declination study reflect that 44% of previous declines such as COPD, Diabetes, Angina and other conditions can now be accepted into the substandard tier.

Competitive positioning with 7% household discount; these discounts are available for new and current customers.

Automated quoting in Express App for household discount; Text Quote and Mobile Quote have household discount identified.

Cigna is working on the agent’s behalf to place multiple products in their customer’s households by providing direct-to-consumer marketing; agent will maintain ‘agent-of-record’ status on all sales; agent can “opt in” to this program.

Expansion to Loyal American will be implemented in 2016.