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7 Reasons NCC Should Be Your FMO

Why You Should Choose NCC as Your Medicare FMONational Contracting Center is a Medicare-focused FMO. We provide a solid foundation for agents to grow upon and take their success to the next level. We will not promise you the world, but we will guarantee you what works.

Here are seven reasons NCC is the one FMO you should be working with:

1) Sales Training

We offer live training courses across the country, video training, and a catalog of unbranded marketing pieces. Our marketing staff is trained to help you make the most of your product offerings and have a competitive edge in the market.

2) Leads

First, we take the time to understand your business. Then we help you maximize your current lead generation plan or design a new plan to get the most consistent return of quality leads. Our Marketing Assistance Program gives you the flexibility to spend the money you earn where you need it most. Not only will you have more leads, but we will also teach you how to convert more leads to sales. 

3) Fast, Easy Contracting

We provide online contracting that allows you to input your information once and request contracts whenever you want. Our dedicated contracting staff will follow your contract from submission to carrier approval and can even expedite some contracts within 48 hours. 

4) Commissions/Book of Business

First and foremost, we guarantee you will earn the highest commissions in the business by working with us. Contrary to what many think, agents can make MORE money by working with an FMO.

We will also teach you how to increase your client retention by selling other product types and implementing effective follow-ups. You can easily earn an extra $15,000+ per year in the process.

5) Compliance

Sales in the Medicare business absolutely must be compliant. We help you from day one with lead generation and sales ideas that keep you compliant.

6) Support Staff

We know what you go through and we are here to make sure you do not feel alone! Our only goal is to help you do more business than you have ever done, easier than you have ever done it. Our team will handle the things that take up your time but do not make you money.

7) Agency Development Team

We understand that the needs of an agency are very different from those of an independent agent. If you are interested in starting or growing an agency, we have a dedicated Agency Development Team to assist you with every step of the process.