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Lumico Contracting & Appointment

Lumico is a subsidiary of Swiss Re, a reinsurance company founded in 1863 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with American headquarters in Armonk, New York. Their mission is to solve the two problems of people not having enough life and supplemental health insurance and finding the process of purchasing related products confusing.

Lumico Products and State Availability

These are Lumico's current products and state availability for 2020, as well as information on contracting and appointment.

Medicare Supplement

View this information as a web page.

State Availability


Plan Information

Applicants covered under Medicare Part A & Part be are eligible for Lumico’s Medicare Supplement. Plans A, F, G, and N are available, and availability may vary by state. Plans G and N are only available during the client’s initial Part B enrollment period. Plans A and F can be purchased without health underwriting.

E-applications are available through Lumico’s Agent Health Portal. Assuming underwriting criteria has been met, applicants will receive a policy number and information related to their premium first draft after submission of the e-App.

Applications in forms besides the e-App can be uploaded via Lumico’s Agent Portal. The portal accepts applications in PDF, JPEG, and many other digital formats.

Some information may vary by state. See state-specific information and rates.

Request a Product Kit for Lumico Medicare Supplement

We’ll email you a kit with brochures, commissions, and rates all specific to the state of your choice.

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Lumico Documents

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