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Marketing Assistance Program

NCC’s Marketing Assistance Program rewards you for your production with flexible marketing dollars you can use for a variety of expenses. This program is designed to supplement your current marketing efforts or help you start a new marketing plan.

With as few as 5 Medicare Supplement/Advantage apps in a month you can start earning money that will accumulate and never expire! Use it for lead mailers, seminars, social media, technology costs, and more.

NCC Offers marketing assistance funds to pay for any marketing expenses.


See what your current production would earn you. Then give us a call and let us help you take it to the next level.

  • Only applies to street level agents who are not associated with an agency and who do not have an existing marketing assistance agreement with NCC.
  • Qualifying apps include Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Jan.-Sept. production is calculated on a calendar month-to-month basis; Oct.-Dec. production is viewed collectively and includes all 1/1 effectives.
  • Earned money accumulates and never expires.

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