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EnvisionRX AHIP Certification 2020


EnvisionRxPlus First Look AEP 2020

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EnvisionRxPlus AHIP Certification 2020 Explained

  • AHIP, Gorman, and PinPoint are all accepted for 2020.
  • Face-to-face training is not required.
  • Certifying for 2020 allows the sale of 2019 products.
  • Returning agents will receive email invitations from EnvisionRxPlus, which will give instructions on confirming the info and uploading new E&O and certificates.
  • 2020 AHIP invitations for returning agents will be released on a staggered schedule.
  • New agent contracting and certifications will be launched after the majority of returning agents have received invitations.

Certification Links, Guides, Phone Numbers, Emails

Recertification Notes from EnvisionRxPlus

  • Agents should NOT copy and paste their temporary password, as it adds an extra digit and won’t match. They need to type it in.
  • If you had an agent who contracted in the past but did not certify last year, please let us know. They will not get a recert invite automatically, and you will not be able to invite them as new since they are already in the system.
  • If an agent did not get their invite, have them check their spam folder. If they still don’t see it, let me know.
  • New Agent Onboarding is NOT open yet, only recertifying agents can go through at the moment
  • Only actual people selling will get a recert invite. AGENCIES do not get an invite, PRINCIPALS will get an invite. The entity does not sell, therefor does not certify.
  • For the agent who has already gone through and taken the test (due to the email that went out in error last week): Their test should transfer over to the recert invite, HOWEVER! They will still need to complete the other tabs (including signing the new agreements, uploading AHIP, E&O, etc). AGENTS WHO PASSED THE TEST, BUT DID NOT COMPLETE THE RECERTIFICATION INVITE WILL NOT BE READY TO SELL! Please stress this to your agents, as many will assume they are ready to sell because they took the test. They will still need to submit their AHIP (online only, they cannot send it in email), E&O, sign the agreements and submit the whole thing to Envision.

AHIP Certification 2020 - EnvisionRxPlus Cost & Discount Information

  • EnvisionRX does not offer a discount or reimbursement. However, they do accept Gorman and Pinpoint as alternatives to AHIP.
  • More information coming soon.

EnvisionRxPlus PDP Plans


EnvisionRxPlus PDP offers affordable premiums and deserved drug coverage:

  • Monthly premium as low as $12.60
  • Low copays and $0 deductible on tier 1 and 2 drugs 
  • $1 on tier 1 generics and $0 on tier 1 generics mail order
  • Extensive drug list
  • Large pharmacy network

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