Medicare AEP FAQs

Use our online contracting portal to request and submit your contracts. Speak to one of our marketing specialists first to make sure you are getting set up with the most competitive plans in your area. Each carrier has different requirements, but generally speaking, you will need a copy of your insurance license and your E&O insurance along with your personal information.

AHIP Medicare Training is a yearly course required by most Medicare Advantage carriers before you are allowed to sell their products. It consists of 5 modules and discusses Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan basics along with marketing and enrollment guidance. This course/certification is required every year to be able to sell and collect renewals from Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. Learn more about AHIP at AHIP Certification Central.

If you are selling Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans, you will need to recertify with each carrier each year. This will likely require an AHIP certification as well. You will not need to recertify to sell Medicare Supplement, Ancillary, or Life insurance.

There are thousands of agents across the country making well over $100,000 per year. It takes a few years of steady production, but you can have a stable income for many years in this business.

You can get leads from direct mail pieces, family and friends, referrals from existing clients or local businesses, and internet leads to name a few. The best agents get their leads from several different sources.

Typically, Medicare agents will sell ancillary health products like Dental, Cancer, and Hospital Indemnity insurance along with Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans. You can also sell Life Insurance, namely Final Expense, but you have to do so compliantly. There are strict rules against selling Life products on the same appointment as a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan.

You will need to certify for 2020 before you can order 2020 Medicare Advantage supplies. Once you’ve certified, you can order supplies through each company’s portal. If you are having trouble, or if you run out of supplies and need some quickly, your broker manager can help. You can find portal links and supply ordering instructions for a number of carriers on our supply ordering page.

You will be paid on 1/1 effective MA/PDP business in January. Carriers are not allowed to pay commissions on 1/1 effective business until the plan year begins. Dates vary by company, but most will start sending payments around the middle of the month. If you sell Medicare Supplement or Ancillary plans, those commissions can be paid during AEP.

Yes. In order to continue to receive renewals from a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan, you must remain contracted and certified with each carrier. Some carriers will also require yearly attestations as a requirement for certification.

The CMS 2021 Medicare Advantage commissions are $539 for those who are new to Medicare and $270 for 1/1 effective renewals or like plan changes.

The CMS 2021 PDP commission rates are $78 for those new to Medicare and $39 for 1/1 effective renewals and lick plan changes. These rates can vary based on state.

Use our Medicare Advantage & PDP Commission Calculator to get quick, accurate commissions. It’s especially helpful for policies that become effective on months other than January.

You cannot accept or submit an enrollment application until October 15th. You can, however, start marketing 2020 products, including making full sales presentations and recommending options, on October 1st.

Materials that offer generic information about Medicare typically do not need to be approved. Anything that references plan-specific information or is meant to draw a beneficiary’s attention to a specific plan or set of plans will need to be approved. See the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines for more information.

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