Remote Medicare Enrollment FAQs

Remote Medicare Sales FAQs

With so many agents adapting their sales techniques to include remote options, we’ve been getting more and more questions about how to sell Medicare using phone and online methods. We created the following FAQs to help explain the available methods and techniques for selling senior health products remotely so you can continue selling compliantly.

Yes. Many insurance carriers offer remote enrollment tools for telephone and online Medicare sales. NCC offers a centralized remote quoting tool called Enrollment Central for most insurance carriers as well. 

All carriers are accepting remote enrollment for Medicare Supplement and Ancillary policies. For Medicare Advantage, you can enroll clients remotely with Aetna, Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and WellCare.  You can also use NCC’s quoting and enrollment tool, Enrollment Central as well.  To find detailed information on remote enrollment options, visit our COVID-19 Resources page and our Enrollment Central page.

Yes. If your client is OK with a face-to-face meeting, paper applications are still being accepted. You can also fill the app out for the client – after a compliant phone presentation – and mail it to them for their signature with a self-addressed stamped envelope so they may return it to you for your signature.  

Humana has specific requirements during this time for paper applications. Contact your NCC Marketing Specialist at 865-218-8370 for more details on these requirements.

Although it is suggested, calls do not have to be recorded at this time. Aetna’s RATE (Remote Agent Telephonic Enrollment tool) does record the call for you, and there is not an option to turn the recording off when using that tool. 

Yes. You cannot make a compliant sales presentation to a client for a Medicare Advantage or PDP plan without a completed SOA. Many companies have a telephonic SOA line or an email SOA for remote sales. NCC’s Enrollment Central tool also allows agent to send SOAs via text or email.

Yes. By using tools like GoToMeeting, Zoom, or, you can still hold educational events. 

Yes, but the same rules apply as always. You may only sell health products during an MA or PDP appointment. DO NOT market or sell life or investment products on an MA or PDP appointment.

Most companies that offer ancillary products have very simple e-apps. Each carrier is different, but most involve an email or voice verification. Call your NCC Marketing Specialist for more detailed information on specific carriers.

Yes. NCC’s agents are still marketing for new clients and calling their existing book of business to make sure the clients understand their coverage and the benefits available to them. They are also talking to them about using ancillary products to fill in any potential coverage gaps they may have.

Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield of TN, Cigna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare are paying all costs associated with COVID-19 testing, treatment, and care. All other carriers are paying for the cost of testing.

Yes, however, some carriers will not accept D-SNP enrollments with all tools:

  • WellCare will not allow a D-SNP to enroll through their PURL tool, but you can mail the client a paper app.
  • Humana will only allow D-SNP enrollments with their Fast App or E-Hub, but not with their digital marketing materials.

Follow the same process as you do a face to face presentation: You’ll need a completed SOA and needs assessment. Run the client’s drugs and check their doctors, then present the carrier and plan that best meets their needs. Go over the enrollment book, summary of benefits, and star rating. Then complete the application in the most effective way for the client. Documentation is key when doing remote presentations to ensure no step or information is missed, so consider using tools like NCC’s Enrollment Central or Medicare Needs Assessment to track the client’s information.

Additional note for Aetna agents: If you use Aetna’s RATE tool, you must follow their scripting within the Ascend app.

You should still take the time to warm up and get to know the client like you normally would in person. You may be one of the only people they interact with in a day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take the time to show them you care, and make sure to talk with them about something besides insurance. You may even want to spend more time getting to know clients during remote sales than you would during an in-person visit.

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