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Maximizing Medicare Sales The Ancillary Advantage

At National Contracting Center, we are dedicated to your success in the ever-evolving world of Medicare, we understand the challenges you face in ensuring comprehensive coverage for your senior clients while also growing your business. We want to emphasize the significant benefits of selling ancillary products and why they should be a cornerstone of your strategy. 

Ancillaries Mean More Money:

It’s no secret that selling ancillary products can substantially increase your earnings each year. While Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans form the core of your business, ancillary products such as dental, vision, and hearing coverage offer additional revenue streams. These products not only provide essential services to your clients but also boost your bottom line.

Ensure Comprehensive Coverage:

As trusted advisors to seniors navigating the complex landscape of Medicare, it’s crucial to regularly review your client book. Are you truly providing them with all the coverage they need? Ancillary products fill the gaps left by traditional Medicare plans, offering comprehensive solutions that address the diverse healthcare needs of your clients. By ensuring they have access to ancillary coverage, you’re fulfilling your duty to protect their health and financial well-being. Taking the time to review your current clients is just another excellent retention tool. They know they will be protected and will continue to recommend you to their peers, don’t forget to ask for referrals.

Seize the Opportunity for Immediate Payment:

In the insurance industry, timing is everything, especially during AEP. Selling ancillary products allows you to capitalize on immediate payment opportunities. Unlike some Medicare plans that may have delayed commission structures, ancillary products often provide upfront compensation, offering a welcome influx of revenue precisely when you need it most. This financial flexibility empowers you to reinvest in your business, expand your client base, and seize new growth opportunities.

Take Action Now:

If you’re not already contracted to sell ancillary products, now is the time to take action. Reach out to your Sales Development Manager (SDM) without delay to explore your areas of opportunity. Whether it’s adding dental, vision, hearing, or other ancillary products to your portfolio, your SDM can provide invaluable guidance and support to help you diversify your offerings and maximize your earning potential.

Remember, selling ancillary products is not just about increasing your revenue; it’s about providing comprehensive coverage and unparalleled support to your senior clients. By embracing the ancillary advantage, you’re not only securing their health and financial well-being but also laying the foundation for sustained success in your insurance business.

At NCC, your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your Medicare sales through the power of ancillary products. If you’re ready to expand your book and offer your clients even more, reach out to your Sales Development Manager today!

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