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Compare Dental, Vision, & Hearing Policies

Compare Dental, Vision, and Hearing Policies

Every senior wants dental coverage but not ever agent knows where to start. We can simplify DVH for you. Our DVH comparison chart puts major carrier plan information in one place. When your client needs implants – look at the chart, see which plan fits that need, and then go to the appropriate carrier website. Maybe it is day-one coverage for a basic dental procedure, or maybe your client just needs glasses. Whatever the case NCC puts the info in one place.

  • Family and group coverage.
  • Network vs non-network.
  • Electronic signature options.
  • DVH waiting periods.
  • Who covers the most on day one.

Download NCC’s Dental, Hearing, and Vision Comparison Chart to quickly and easily find the best plans for your clients.

Download NCC's Dental, Vision, and Hearing Comparison Chart

How DVH Policies Benefit Clients

Dental insurance is often overlooked by both clients and agents, despite the cost of dental care.

  • Basic dental services like cleanings and X-rays cost several hundred dollars.
  • Major services like bridges and dentures cost several thousand dollars.
  • One hearing aid can cost $2,000 to $3,000 or more.
  • You can help Medicare clients keep those costs manageable with a DVH plan.

What does Original Medicare cover for Dental, Vision, and Hearing?

Medicare Part A and Part B (known as Original Medicare) have minimal coverage for Dental, Vision, and Hearing.


Covered by Medicare

Annual eye exams for people with diabetes.
Corrective procedures for chronic eye conditions. For example, the removal of a cataract and replacement of the natural lens with a fabricated intraocular lens.
Eyeglasses or contacts following the replacement of an intraocular lens.
Eye exam to diagnose potential vision problems.
An annual eye exam for those at high risk of glaucoma. Risk factors include:
      A family history of glaucoma.
      African-American and age 50+.
      Hispanic-American and age 65+.

Not Covered by Medicare

Not Covered by Medicare Eye examinations related to prescribing glasses or contacts, with some exceptions.
Not Covered by Medicare Eyeglasses or contact lenses (unless prescribed following cataract surgery).


Covered by Medicare

Reconstruction related to jaw injuries.
Dental exam required before certain procedures, such as heart valve replacement or kidney transplant.
An emergency or complicated dental procedure that requires a hospital stay.
Reconstruction following removal of a facial tumor.
In most of these cases, Medicare will cover the procedure, but not follow-up visits.

Not Covered by Medicare

Not Covered by Medicare Routine care such as cleanings and checkups.
Not Covered by Medicare Fillings, crowns, or tooth extractions.
Not Covered by Medicare Dentures, dental plates, bridges, or other dental devices.


Covered by Medicare

Hearing exam for a recent hearing loss due to illness or injury.

Not Covered by Medicare

Not Covered by Medicare Routine hearing exams.
Not Covered by Medicare Hearing aids.
Not Covered by Medicare Examination for prescribing or fitting hearing aids.

To see our pick for DVH plans, download 5 Best Medicare Ancillary Products for Financial Peace.

Other DVH Options for Your Clients

Medicare Advantage

While Original Medicare doesn’t cover most needs related to DVH, many Medicare Advantage plans do. If a client has significant DVH needs, a Medicare Advantage plan may be a better fit than Original Medicare plus a DVH policy.

Medicaid and D-SNPs

In some states, Medicaid covers dental services, optometry services, dentures, and eyeglasses. If your client can qualify for Medicaid, they’re eligible for those services. If they qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare, they may qualify for a Dual-eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP). Depending on the particular plan, D-SNP plans may cover:

The cost of Medicare Part B (and part A, in some cases).
At state option, certain premiums charged by Medicare Advantage plans.
Original Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments (except for nominal copayments in Part D, the Medicare drug program).

To learn more, get a copy of our free Guide to Selling D-SNPs.

Medicare Sales Training Guide

This comprehensive 64-page guide covers senior insurance sales from all angles, from licensing to sales.

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