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Guide to Selling D-SNPs

Guide to Selling D-SNPs
Grow Your Medicare Sales with D-SNPs

This year 3 million people turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare products. What if I told you there were 9 million more people you could sell Medicare Advantage to right now with a D-SNP Plan?

As of January 2020, only 2.8 out of 12.0 million dual eligibles are enrolled in a D-SNP. That leaves 9.2 million potential new enrollees. That’s three times the number of people who will turn 65 this year!

Forget T65 lists. 40% of dual-eligible beneficiaries are under 65. Find out how to get D-SNP leads through grassroots marketing. Our D-SNP guide will explain enrollment dates, helping clients apply for Medicaid, and how to enroll in a D-SNP.

D-SNP Enrollees May be Eligible For:

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