Serving Seniors: 2nd Quarter 2021 Volunteer Activities

Serving Seniors March 2021

National Contracting Center encourages its  agents to support the older population in their communities. Each quarter we will feature a nonprofit volunteer opportunity in a different city. Share the volunteer work you are doing by sending us a pic of you and your agents in action. Please include a description with your name/agency name, city & state where you volunteered, and the name of the nonprofit organization so we may share on our social media pages. Send pics to

Featured Volunteer Opportunity: Brighten A Day

Location: Virtual – Nationwide

Make short, uplifting videos and cards to share with seniors in retirement communities.

This Pennsylvania nonprofit’s mission is to lift the spirits of those in need by sending encouraging messages either by video or in writing.  Brighten A Day needs volunteers to create encouraging videos and/or volunteers to record special talents like singing, playing music, dancing, etc., to share with retirement home residents, hospitals, and orphanages.

Volunteers are also needed to create uplifting cards or write encouraging letters. Other opportunities to help include donating care packages or donating camera-enabled devices to allow seniors to connect with loved ones & volunteers.

To find out more about this opportunity, visit Brighten A Day’s website.

Additional Opportunity: Senior Care Calls

Location: Virtual – Knoxville, TN

Make check-in calls to homebound seniors.

Senior Care Calls, a program from the Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC), utilizes volunteers to make weekly check-in calls to homebound, isolated, and lonely seniors.

Although social distancing is an effective way to minimize the risk COVID-19 presents to seniors, the feelings of loneliness and depression continue to rise. In 2018, United Way of Greater Knoxville reported roughly 23,000 seniors in Knox County living in isolation. That’s 1 in 4 of the senior population.

CAC’s weekly check-in calls can help reduce the number of isolated seniors in Knox County.

Click here to learn more and volunteer.

More Ways to Help

Community Tech Network: Digital Coaching for Seniors

Location: Virtual opportunity in San Francisco Bay Area & Austin, TX

CTN’s Home Connect program is aimed to support older adults eager to get connected online  with loved ones, friends, and service providers. Become a Digital Coach and provide remote computer/online training to seniors.

American Red Cross: Become a Virtual Advocate

Location: Virtual – Nationwide

Share Red Cross content and help spread the word. Learn more here.

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