Medicare Sales Referral Program

As a Licensed Insurance Agent/Broker you may refer clients who are or will soon become eligible to enroll in a Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicare Supplement (Med Supp), or Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) to National Contracting Center (NCC). Any prospective clients must call 800-695-0280 and give the name of the referring agent/broker to request assistance.

Once our licensed Medicare Sales Agents enroll these clients, the referring agent/broker will be paid the following referral fees for each enrollment:

Medicare Referral Fees
Medicare Advantage $100
Medicare PDP $25
Medicare Supplement $100


Payments to Referrers

NCC processes payments to referring agents/brokers once a month on or by the 15th for the previous month's business. Statements are available online 24x7.

Rapid Disenrollments

If a referred client disenrolls within 90 days, resulting in a commission chargeback, NCC will charge back 100% of the referral fee and assign it as a debit against any future referrals. Past 90 days, NCC will take no action to recover a referral fee if a client disenrolls.

Do Not Market To Agreement

NCC agrees not to make any further communications to clients that are referred to NCC other than what is necessary to adequately service the client. NCC agrees not to market any other products to clients that are referred to NCC unless the referring agent/broker gives express consent.

NCC reserves the right to change fees or eligibility requirements, with 30 days notice, or immediately if required by state or federal regulations.

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