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10 Ways You’re Not Compliant When Selling Medicare

  1. Providing or paying for meals
  2. Offering  money or gift cards in any amount or
  3. Offering gifts worth more than $15 (that aren’t available to general public) to encourage enrollment
  4. Marketing or selling non-health care related products (annuities, investments) during an appointment. The beneficiary has to request this additional information.
  5. Discussing and/ or marketing healthcare products beyond what the beneficiary originally agreed to discuss
  6. Cold calling under the guise of selling non-Medicare Advantage and then guide conversation to Medicare Advantage plans.
  7. Mass enrollment at events where clients may not know they are being enrolled
  8. Agents going into housing complexes without appointments and going door to door
  9. Market plans in health care settings (waiting rooms, exam rooms, pharmacy counters, etc
  10. Implying you are calling or selling on behalf of Medicare




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