3 Steps to Grow Your Business During Quarantine

3 Steps to Grow Your Business During Quarantine

Over the last few weeks, we have seen that many agents are not sure how to grow their business without meeting as many people face-to-face. To keep things as simple as possible, we want to share 3 steps you can take to keep your business stable and growing during uncertain times.

1. Call all of your clients

Many seniors are more isolated than the general population, so a call from you may go a long way. You may be one of the only people they talk to in a day. Staying in touch with your clients is key to retaining your book of business, and even a simple phone call can go a long way to making your clients feel valued.

2. Talk to all of your clients about ancillary products

When you talk to your clients, review the costs for hospital admission, chemotherapy treatment, and home health care associated with their plan. Then discuss the benefits of Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, and Short-Term Home Health Care plans. Any of these plans can typically start around $30/month, and many clients will purchase more than one type of ancillary plan.

3. Ask all of your clients for referrals

The most successful agents in our industry aggressively ask for referrals from their clients. Say something simple like, “Miss Jones, we’ve been able to improve your coverage and save you some money every month too. Do you have any friends or family that could also use my help?” If you ask for referrals from every client you talk to, you will see a steady stream of new business come your way.

It may seem simple, but please try out this 3 step process. Please give us your feedback and share what works for you. If you are not already contracted to sell ancillary products or if you have questions about anything related to your business, contact our marketing team, and we will get you set up ASAP. Please stay safe and keep up your great work!

Jerold Johnson
National Contracting Center

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