Moving Into AEP Season

As we head into the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) season, now is a great time to review your portfolio, determine your lead sources, solidify your business plan, and get certified. AEP is the busiest season for Medicare. Make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running on October 1st! With only 54 days in the AEP season, we want to remind you of a few things you can do to increase your business during AEP and long after.

Review your portfolio – Rate increases happen, products change and go away, and providers aren’t always in-network. Make sure you look over the specifics of each carrier in your area and find the most competitive products for your portfolio. Having a variety of competitive options will only help you to reach your goals!

Determine your lead sources – Do you know how you will reach new clients during AEP? If not the time to start planning is now! As part of this exercise, remember that first, you don’t want to lose the business that you have. With that in mind, have you contacted your existing clients to set up a plan review? Have you contacted your community network for opportunities to educate others? Have you targeted a geographic area for expansion? Remember, time passes quickly and these plans can involve working with others. For example, if you’re planning on marketing to a new area using direct mail, or another means – you need to start now. On a related note, this is a great time to ramp up your social media presence (learn how to grow your social presence). If you have not done so recently, familiarize yourself with the Medicare Marketing Guidelines and commit yourself to operating well within those guidelines.  In all things that you do compliance is a must!

Solidify your business plan – Not only do you want to acquire new clients during AEP, but you also need to keep your existing clients happy. Begin marketing 2018 plans on October 1, 2017, to your existing clients. Get them thinking about what they like and what they would want to change. Asking your existing clients for names and addresses of individuals is one way to grow your client base; another way is to ask your new clients after their plan effective date for names and addresses. Ensure you’re ready when the date rolls around by completing certification early. Be certified, be organized and be knowledgeable ~ just be prepared!    

Get certified
 – How will you be able to sell if you’re not certified? The answer is you can’t! Make sure you certify with each of the Medicare Advantage carriers you are planning to work with this year. On June 19th, AHIP launched along with the annual certification requirements of each MAPD/PDP carrier. If you have any questions on what you’ll need to be certified through each carrier call one of our Marketing Specialists at 1-800-695-0280. We will be more than happy to help answer any of your questions.

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