Field Agents: Beware of Call Centers

Field Agents: Beware of Call Centers

Attention Agents:

The COVID-19 pandemic has, no doubt, changed the way you sell insurance, but are you taking full advantage of the opportunities now open to you? Call Centers are. Have you seen more Medicare Advantage commercials recently? Have you had clients switch plans? Is your renewal check flat or down?

The phone is your best way to keep in touch with clients quickly and effectively. But are you actually calling them? Call centers are seeing an uptick in business since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of that business is coming from your clients. Your clients have questions, and if they are not asking them to you, they are asking them to someone else.

There is an easy solution: call your clients. You don’t need a fancy script or hot new subject to talk about. Just check in and be their agent. Make sure you can answer any questions they have about plan cost-sharing, especially COVID-related questions. Make them aware of things like copays for non-COVID hospital admissions, and take that opportunity to present a Hospital Indemnity plan. Review the 20% coinsurance on Part B drugs, and present a Lump-Sum Cancer plan. Present a Short-Term Home Health Care plan so they can recover from an injury at home. And don’t hang up the phone without asking for referrals.

You’ve worked hard to build your client base. Make sure you protect and grow it. If you want to have a 1-on-1 discussion with someone about how best to communicate with your clients, call us at 800-695-0280.

Stay safe and healthy!

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