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5 Ways to Command Attention Without Saying A Word

As a sales professional do not under estimate the power of nonverbal communication. Body language can be a major key to your success in the sales industry. Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages found that 55% of our communication is nonverbal meaning facial expressions, gestures and postures [1].  Learn to communicate with your clients better and in a more positive way.

Positive body language is the nonverbal cues that project confidence, credibility, warmness and optimism. Here are positive body cues that will help you land a sale.

1. Stand Tall. Power and confidence are nonverbally portrayed through this stance. It helps assure those approaching you that you are seen as a figure confident in your knowledge base and can handle their concerns with ease. Although, it’s natural that when you develop a connection you may begin mirroring the other person and their stance.

2. Lean Forward. Decrease the distance between you and your potential customer and as you get closer you create a bond. However, use discretion to not invade a customer’s personal space or make them feel uncomfortable. Leaning forward should feel personable and create openness between you and the other person.

3. Facial Expressions. Facial expressions like smiling and positive eye contact communicate that you are actively listening to your conversation partner. However, this should be natural so don’t forget to blink and look away occasionally. Maintaining eye contact is crucial to convey that you value them and consider them the most important person in the room.

4. Use Your Hands. Don’t be afraid to be animated when talking by using your hands to describe something or to make a point. Emphasizing what you have to say gives your credibility, and shows interest in what you are engaging about. However, limit hand gestures so it doesn’t distract from an important moment.

5. Handshake. Take the time to learn a proper handshake. It is one of the most important nonverbal communication cues and is typically someone’s first impression of you. Don’t give a weak handshake, but don’t crush the other person’s hand either. You need to be facing the person squarely while extending a firm handshake to convey respect and confidence.





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