Convert More Business Reply Cards with Two Easy Steps

Business Reply Card Basics

If you have not included BRCs in your marketing plan, today is the day to start!

What are BRCs?

Business Reply Cards (BRC) are direct mail pieces sent to a specific demographic in a targeted area. BRCs are an easy, predictable way to get leads.

BRCs are some of the simplest leads to work. Just follow these two steps.

1. Call Leads Immediately and Repeatedly

Beat the competition. Call the lead as soon as you receive their information. If you are unable to get ahold of a lead, don’t give up. Call the leads repeatedly. 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th attempt.

2. Knock on Their Door

You have the lead’s address! If you don’t have their phone number or can’t reach them at the number provided, visit their home and introduce yourself. Be prepared to answer their questions and don’t try to sell on the first visit.

Don’t Forget Compliance

Follow the carrier’s compliance guidelines and CMS guidelines.You CANNOT talk about or sell life insurance on a Medicare appointment.You CANNOT talk about or sell annuities or other investment products on a Medicare appointment.You CAN sell any health-related insurance products on a Medicare appointment. Just make sure the products are on the scope of appointment.

Contact an NCC Marketing Specialist for more information about BRCs, lead tracking, and the best products to offer.

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