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The Irresistible Insurance Agent

Having a lead stream is just one of the first steps into developing a sustainable insurance business. We’ve discussed different ways to develop leads using paid vs. organic leads, but how do you convert your lead into a sale? No matter how great the lead is the sale is not guaranteed. You must be able to provide value to prospective clients in order to convert leads into sales. Learn strategies that can help you become an irresistible insurance agent that will help you convert more sales than ever.

Be Knowledgeable About Your Client And Product

This should be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many agents fail to accomplish this step. For example, if you are selling Medicare Supplements then you need to know how it works in tandem with original Medicare, the rate trends for companies, and possible additional feeds that clients may occur when enrolling. If your prospective clients have chronic conditions, know what plans are available in their area which would best cover them.

We encourage agents to do a quick screening process over the phone with a prospect prior to setting an appointment. Ask if they have any current health concerns, or past health issues that could affect coverage. Then you can investigate Medicare Supplement plans that accept client’s health conditions or take of their specific needs. This method allows for minimal disruption to call hotlines for help regarding coverage, etc. You can be fully engaged in a conversation with your prospects to find the best plan for their needs.

Be A Listener

The best way to build a rapport with your prospective clients is listening to them. Let them tell YOU their story before you tell your “story.” Then when they have spoken about what they’re looking for, ask them questions. “You mentioned a love of travel outside the U.S. do you still currently travel internationally? The current Medicare Supplement plan that you are interested in is not included in the foreign Medicare exchange.” If you aren’t sure what your client is expressing then ask for clarification. Ensure you and your prospective clients are on the same page to help pick out their Medicare Supplement plans.

Solve Their Problems

Stop pitching and start offering prospective clients “solutions.” People do not want to be sold to, but instead want a more collaborative process to solve their problems. For example, if your clients have reached age 70 and experience steep rate hikes for Medicare Supplement, then offer a plan solution that would cut their monthly premium into a more desirable price range. Highlight how the plan functions to fix their problem and simplify their healthcare. Clients are more willing to buy when they know the product can improve and simplify their lives.

Get Visual

Don’t walk into your appointment without product information, charts, business cards or any worksheets. If you think your solutions could be confusing bring visual aspects like booklets, or presentations to aid in educating clients on their options. Some of our agents have put together booklets for prospective clients that have been personalized to their needs along with the agent information. Even after a great appointment you may not make that sale immediately, which is why you leave your client with something to remind them of what you can offer.  Top-of-mind recognition can be the difference between a sale or not.

Follow Through On Your Actions

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in during the sales cycle, always follow through in your actions. If you promise to follow-up with them Tuesday morning, then you call or visit them Tuesday morning. If you promise great customer service, then if they call with you with issue with payment then you call carrier hotline with them to sort it out. One of the biggest mistakes we see agents make is promising things that they cannot fulfill for their clients. Your ability to follow through is what your clients will remember most when it comes to using your services again.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the things agents can do to convert leads into sales, it does includes some of the most essential ones. Walking into an appointment as an expert with your product materials, lends credibility to your preparedness and professionalism. Your clients want to work with someone who is knowledgeable who isn’t going to sell them just any product. They want an insurance professional who can offer solutions to solve a problem and then depend on you for any issues that occur down the road.

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