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Keys to Success From Elite Senior Insurance Agents

NCC is fortunate to have success where we can pick high caliber agents to join the NCC Network. After each AEP we love honoring our agents and top producers with our Agent Appreciation events across the country. During these events, not only do agents get to connect with one another, but share insights into what makes them successful, helpful tips and discuss the habits that have helped cultivate healthy books of business in the senior market.

One of the senior market’s top Medicare Advantage producers Gary S examines how he stays fresh in the ever changing landscape of the senior market and continues to grow his business:  


To start building your business you need to do research to learn about your competition. You need to know who they are and what kind of solutions they offer their clients so you can know the market. However, never ever bad mouth another agent. EVER. This says more about you than it does the other agents and your client will remember that. You MUST have knowledge of the products you sell. If you do not know what you are selling then how do your potential clients understand how it benefits them? They won’t. You need to know the selling points of the plan, for example “If you go out of town your Medicare Advantage will cover this _______ and this ___________.”

Why Did I Choose To Sell Medicare?

There is a huge demand for Medicare with 10,000 seniors a day turning 65 it will continue to be a major need. Not only is there a large market for product, there is a large need for educating Seniors on what their options are. I know I am selling a product that is needed, valued and customers are very pleased with.

Customer Service

Always make yourself available to service customers. If you don’t take care of your customers someone else will.  Making yourself available and responsive to your clients keeps their confidence in you high. When they trust you it’s unlikely they will walk away to work with other agents. Be courteous by sending hand written and signed cards for customers. It’s the personal touches that show value in your being their agent. You are not a salesperson-you are an agent. When in an appointment if you do not know the answer-ask someone who does, which most likely NCC. Your information has to be accurate so customers can make the best decisions for their lifestyles. Your clients will appreciate your attention to detail.

When you run your insurance business with attention to customer service, you will be more confident in the sustainability. The reason I feel that way? When you have customers who are happy with you as your agent they will give referrals. You should get to the point where referrals keep you actively selling.

-Gary S.

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