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Why More Women Should Pursue Insurance Careers

For years men have dominated the insurance and financial industries and have been unwelcoming to women. However, as companies pour resources into finding top talent- companies are realizing that women boost sales. When women thrive their businesses thrive and give their bottom lines a bump. It’s a win-win situation when women choose to pursue insurance careers. Insight and ability to align diverse needs of clients make women in demand for the insurance world. There is a huge opportunity for women to carve out niches in the senior insurance world and here’s why more women should consider switching their career path to insurance.

Your job has meaning and helps people

For years women have been underserved in the financial world as both client and advisor. The gender gap for insurance coverage is slowly closing as more women demanding financial education and planning services. You have a unique opportunity to help fellow women plan their financial futures and improve their quality of life down the road. In terms of sales- you have a built in target market to educate on their option that many do know exist.

Besides the perk of having a built-in target market, your job has significant meaning to the people you serve. For agents specializing in the Medicare market, they interact with thousands of seniors who need guidance picking health coverage that impacts their quality of life. The decisions you help your clients make, impact them, their families, grandkids, etc. Your expertise is invaluable to many of your clients and you can become a resource to them in times of need and support. Who doesn’t want a job that makes a major difference in the lives of people?

Equal Pay

As an independent insurance agent you have the ability to earn consistently without fear of unequal pay. In the senior market for example, commissions pertaining to Medicare Advantage and specific products are federally regulated which guarantees equal compensation per sale. If there is a gap in wage it’s due to number of sales and most likely selling products of different commission levels. No one can dictate what you can or cannot sell as an independent agent. You get the pick the products you think with offer clients the best solutions and control how much work you put in for each sale. For many agents having ability to set their salary is one of the biggest perks of the job.

Flexible Schedule

Many of our female agents value their job because of the ability to create their own schedule year round. If they want to work three times a week due to family obligations or other work functions you can. The only thing that dictates your schedule is your lifestyle needs, and your sales goals for the week, month or year. There is so much freedom to be had in the independent insurance market. Because you set your schedule, there’s less chance of burn out and boredom. No day has to be the same!

Career Growth and Potential

Again, being your own boss means there is no glass ceiling. As an agent, if you have stable and continual growth opening an agency becomes the logical next step. From there you build and develop a full-service agency to serve the needs of your ideal client. Running a successful agency allows you to be your own boss and mentor other agents in the field.

These are just a few of the many reasons why more women should become insurance agents. Not only does the insurance and financial industry need the diversity to survive, women thrive in this field too. Many of the barriers in a traditional workplace are diminished or removed entirely. Being an independent insurance agent allows women to be in complete control of their careers and maintain independence. It can seem daunting to start an entire new career field, however NCC makes it easier. We cater to new agents to train and educate them on senior insurance. We partner with you to help you reach YOUR sales goals and provide crucial administrative support. If you are interested in more information contact us via contact icon or call us at 1-800-695-0280.

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