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Why You Shouldn’t Door Knock Medicare Supplements

One Agent’s Perspective on doorknocking Medicare supplements

As a senior life and health agent your primary focus is always, always, always to educate your prospective clients on their options. Medicare is complicated. There are so many plans and options that it often makes seniors feel overwhelmed with sheer information overload. However, no matter how daunting it may seem this is one of the most important health and financial decisions they will make for themselves.  It is your job to make sure they know the benefits and risks of each plan.

Under CMS guidelines you are allowed to door knock, however this is why you shouldn’t:

It’s Unexpected

It’s unfair to come to a senior’s home unexpectedly to discuss an incredibly complicated subject of great importance and expect them to be fully prepared to discuss. Also, they may not be able to ask the right questions to feel empowered and confident in the plan.

It’s Obtrusive

Not only may they not be mentally prepared, but they may not have their essential medical and personal ID papers at the ready. You are asking for highly sensitive ID information like social security numbers.

They Don’t Know You

You know that you are a great and certified agent that has had years of experience in the local community, but they may not.  Chances are they have had people just like you show up at their door that promised them the world and then delivered nothing of value. If someone legitimate like you can go door to door there is a likely chance someone unsavory will and has already done so.

While door knocking Med supps is a great way to get in front of clients, you need to take clients into consideration first. The most important thing you can do for a client is be an educator for your clients. Make sure they understand how the plans will work not only now, but into the future.  The best way to do this is by giving them time to prepare for your visit.

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