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5 Best Ancillary Products for Medicare Sales

5 Best Ancillary Products for Medicare Sales Agents


Are you currently selling ancillary products to your Medicare clients? If not, you're missing an opportunity to stabilize your year-round finances. Ancillary sales offer commissions that don't revolve around AEP, allowing you to find financial peace.

This 24-page guide has our choices for 5 specific plans from 5 specific carriers:

  • Best Cancer Plan
  • Best Critical Illness Plan
  • Best Dental, Vision and Hearing Plan
  • Best Home Healthcare Plan
  • Best Hospital Indemnity Plan
You'll find all of the information you need to close the sale:
  • Rates and commissions for each plan.
  • Policy details like issue ages, coverage, riders, and tobacco questions.
  • Opening questions, helpful infographics, and persuasive facts to start a conversion with clients.

Download 5 Best Ancillary Products for Medicare Sales

Download the guide and start enjoying financial peace 12 months a year.