AEP Mistakes

11 Mistakes to Avoid this AEP

AEP is hectic, and mistakes can be costly to both you and your clients. Make this your best AEP yet by anticipating and avoiding these 11 mistakes agents make.

#1: Waiting Until October 15 to Begin Marketing 2021 Plans

You can and should begin marketing 2021 products on October 1. However, DO NOT accept or submit an enrollment application before October 15.

#2: Missing Certifications

You can only market plans you are contracted and certified to sell. If you aren’t certified yet, all of the information you need is in Certification Central.

#3: Not Being Aware of Lifted Restrictions for Beneficiaries with ESRD

All Medicare beneficiaries with ESRD will be allowed to enroll in an MA plan effective January 1, 2021.

#4: Missing or Incomplete SOAs

You MUST receive a signed Scope of Appointment (SOA) form before any marketing appointment where you will discuss Medicare Advantage or Part D plans. It must document which plan types you will discuss with a beneficiary.

#5: Delayed Application Submissions

Submit all completed enrollment applications to the appropriate carrier within 48 hours. Wherever possible, please use electronic enrollment tools and submit applications immediately.

#6: Not Verifying Drug Coverage

Always verify that a beneficiary’s drugs are covered by the plan you offer, including which tiers they are on.

#7: Incorrect Provider Participation Lookup

Be sure to use the most up-to-date provider lookup tools from each carrier. Incorrect provider participation lookup is the #1 cause of agent complaints.

#8: Incorrect Plan Submission

Verify a beneficiary’s eligibility to enroll in a plan, verify that you are selecting the appropriate plan, and verify the appropriate election period before you submit an application. Incorrect eligibility/plan selection is the #2 cause of agent complaints.

#9: Incorrect Presentations and Benefit Explanations

Cover all necessary benefits and paperwork with a beneficiary before submitting an application. Explain all coverage levels and associated costs clearly. Incorrect presentations and benefit explanations are the #3 cause of agent complaints.

#10: Not Contacting Current Clients About Plan Changes

Don’t forget to contact clients whose plans may be changing significantly in 2021. There may be options available that could save them significant money and help retain them as a client.

# 11: Not Offering Ancillary Products

OFFER ANCILLARY PRODUCTS ON EVERY APPOINTMENT. Products like Hospital Indemnity and Cancer plans can cover major copays/coinsurance on many Medicare Advantage plans.

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