Marketing D-SNPs: Leads and Targeting

How to Market D-SNPs

D-SNPs, or Dual Special Needs Plans, offer coverage for low-income beneficiaries who are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare. These plans have $0 premiums, yet an estimated 9 million potential recipients aren’t currently covered.

You’ll find full details on every aspect of these plans in our Guide to Selling D-SNPs, but for now let’s talk marketing.

Finding Leads

Mailers are an option for targeting D-SNPs, but grassroots marketing is both cost-effective and productive. Spend time in places where you’re likely to meet those eligible for D-SNPs. Get to know the staff and the regulars, and volunteer if possible. Try visiting places like:

  • Food pantries.
  • Soup kitchens.
  • Thrift Stores.
  • Flea Markets.
  • Churches.
  • Senior Centers.
  • Low-income housing communities.

Don’t go to these places in selling mode. Just be there and get to know people. Eventually your profession will come up in conversation, and when word gets out, those who need your services will find you.

Educate people and follow up with prospects, but don’t be pushy. Just hand out your business cards, be a member of the community, and let leads happen naturally.

How to Target D-SNPs

You’ll want to read the D-SNP guide for the full rundown of targeting mailers, but it works a bit differently than you may be used to. For one, you’ll need to target different income brackets. Your best bet is to mail to incomes near or below $15,000, or to Medicaid beneficiaries.

Since 40% of dual-eligibles are under 65, targeting via social media is also a useful option. Facebook is the most popular choice, and you can find more potential methods here.

Get all the D-SNP Details

For more on D-SNPs, including the services covered, eligibility requirements, and who qualifies, check out the Guide to Selling D-SNPs. You can also get all of your questions answered in our D-SNP FAQs.

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