Where to Find Medicare Sales Training

Where to Get Medicare Sales Training

Selling Medicare isn’t like some careers. There’s no degree program with an internship at the end. As an agent seeking training, it may feel as though you’re flying blind.

There are, however, places online where Medicare agents can get training in a variety of formats.

Paid Medicare Training Courses

Kaplan Financial Education

Kaplan offers courses for new and prospective agents as well as those more experienced in Medicare sales. You can sign up for licensing exam prep courses specific to life and health agents, as well as training that will fulfill your continuing education credit requirements.

Kaplan charges a fee for their courses, but you can receive a 15% discount. Just add your course to your shopping cart, type “NCC” in the promo code area, and click apply.

Medicare Training Discount at Kaplan


You can’t sell Medicare Advantage without knowing about AHIP, but if you think a yearly exam is all they offer, you may be missing out. They also offer over 40 courses covering health insurance in general as well as Medicare and Medicaid specifically. You can view the entire course catalog on their website.

Of course, you’ll still need to complete your AHIP Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training and exam each year. When the time comes, use this link to receive a $50 discount.

Free Medicare Sales Training

If you’re already contracted with NCC, you’ve probably noticed our emphasis on training. We offer written guides, videos, and one-on-one support to address all types of learners.

All of our training materials are 100% free, and most are available without a website login.

Medicare Sales Training Guides

Our downloads page contains over a dozen topic-specific guides. You can learn about enrollment periods, lead generation, client retention, and more. You’ll also find new information and training regularly right here on our blog.

For a complete course of training, check out our Medicare Sales Training Guide.

Inside you’ll find nine chapters covering all aspects of Medicare Training. From understanding how Medicare works to finding leads and closing the sale, the guide contains over 60 pages of Medicare knowledge and actionable advice.

Medicare Training Webinars and Videos

If webinars and videos are more your learning speed, we’ve covered that, as well.

NCC offers a full Medicare training webinar series several times per year. The series is based on our Agent Training Guide, and each webinar covers one of the guide’s nine chapters. You can attend select webinars for specific topics or take the entire 5-week course.

We also offer more specific webinars throughout the year. We’ll be announcing our next series soon, so watch this page for updates or subscribe to our newsletter to receive announcements of upcoming training opportunities.

If you’re contracted with NCC, you can also view videos of our previous webinars on your Agent Dashboard. Just look for the “Training Videos” button.

One-on-One Support

When other FMOs talk about training and support, they’re treating them as separate topics. At NCC, we get that supporting you means giving you all of the information and tools you need to sell successfully.

When the pandemic happened, our Marketing Specialists hit the ground running to ensure every agent contracted with NCC knew how to continue selling Medicare and enrolling clients remotely. They set them up with the right enrollment tools and trained them to give sales presentations online. COVID may be a unique circumstance, but one-on-one support and training is an everyday thing for the NCC team.

Want to know more about the training and support you’ll get from NCC? Give us a call today at 800-695-0280.

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