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Are You Ready for AEP?

Are You Ready for AEP?

2021 AEP is approaching quickly. Are you prepared?

Just like always, there will be new product information to learn and new training to complete, but this year is different. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and a generally more tech-savvy senior population, remote enrollments are becoming an essential part of doing business. Agents need to be ready to meet with clients in a way that they feel comfortable. Phone meetings and video chats are growing in popularity each day, even as restrictions are slowly lifted.

We just don’t know how our business landscape will look come AEP, so we have to prepare for all possibilities. This can be your best AEP yet, but only if you’re ready to use the technology available to you. Carriers have made remote sales easier because we all have to adjust the way we interact with our clients to stay competitive. Now is the time to get familiar with all the remote enrollment tools available. At National Contracting Center, we are here to guide you through this uncertainty and make sure you have the resources you need to sell effectively.

One of those resources is Enrollment Central, our new online enrollment platform, which allows you to quote and enroll clients face-to-face or remotely with all of our major Medicare Advantage and PDP carriers. Contact us today to get access to the platform and see how it can both help you sell more and boost your retention.

We want you to be as prepared as you can be this AEP, and that preparation starts now. To have a one-on-one AEP planning discussion with one of our Marketing Specialist, call us at 800-695-0280 or submit a “Contact Us” form.

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