The Curious Case of Leads

You can’t develop a long-term professional relationship with a client until you make that first sale. You can’t make the first sale if you can’t “tell your story.” You can’t tell your story unless you can get in front of qualified prospects. So, here is the question for you, the professional insurance agent: What is the best way to get in front of qualified prospects to tell your story?

For most, the simple answer to that question is – LEADS. But, here is where our discussion becomes interesting. In our business, the word “leads” means different things to different people. At NCC, we are privileged to work with a highly skilled group of agents that have developed, and are willing to share, their expertise in both the art and science of developing and effectively working leads to consistently get in front of qualified prospects to, “tell their story.” Spoiler alert: most highly successful agents will tell you that the best lead is NOT a Business Reply Card (BRC). “If not, then what is?” you might ask. Over the next couple of blogs, we will explore this subject. We welcome your responses to this post with both questions and your personal experiences of what has worked best for you in your market.

Work smarter. Sell More.

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