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We Took AHIP 2021. Here’s What We Found.

We Took AHIP 2021. Here's What We Found.

The Core Modules

Like years past, AHIP 2021 consists of 5 core modules, ranging from Medicare program basics to marketing and enrollment guidance for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. If you are taking AHIP for the second year or beyond, you do not have to read through the first 3 modules, just the 4th and 5th.

However, beginning this year, each module has a 20 question review quiz at the end. All agents must take all 5 quizzes! You won’t be graded on the quizzes, but you will get the correct answers afterward for review. If you feel the need, you can take these quizzes multiple times. You can also download all modules as PDFs if you want to keep them around for study material.

The Final Exam

The 50-question final exam is very similar to last year. The majority of the questions our team saw when we took our exams came directly from the review quizzes. The exam is very fair, just not easy. If you pay close attention to the modules and quizzes and read all questions and answers carefully and completely, you should have no problem. Many questions will ask you to apply knowledge to a specific scenario instead of just identifying facts. You will have 3 tries to get 90% to pass the final exam.

Once you pass your exam, you will have 3 smaller remaining modules left before you finish your 2021 certification (Nondiscrimination Training; Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse; and General Compliance). Each of these has a review quiz followed by a graded exam. These exams are 10 questions and require 70% to pass.

Don’t sleep on these modules. Our team found that the Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse exam seemed especially tricky this year. Take your time and consider looking at the Job Aids referenced in Appendixes A, B, and C.

The Verdict

Overall, AHIP 2021 is better-designed than years past, and it still requires concentration and time. Here are a few topics to pay extra attention to:

  • Employer Group Plans
  • Educational vs. Sales Events
  • HMO vs. PPO vs. MSA vs. PFFS vs. Cost Plan

For more details on AHIP 2021, including carrier-specific certification info, check out AHIP Certification Central, and when you’re ready to start your certification, click here for a $50 discount.

If you have questions about AHIP or anything else related to Medicare sales, contact an NCC Marketing Specialist at 800-695-0280 for one-on-one assistance.

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